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How to Clean a Washing Machine Cleaning things that are designed to clean our stuff is an odd concept. Why does a dishwasher need washing when all it does is spray hot water and detergents around? It does though, and the same is true for washing machines. A washing machi

Washing Machines This problem can result in overflow. Save money on laundry day with these easy ideas Detergent buildup and constant use mean your washing machine can use a clean of its own from time to time. With so many different types of washers and dry

The 5 Best Washing Machines Four front-load washing machines and one top-load model make our list of 5 Best Washing Machines. Disclaimer: This site contains affiliate links from which we receive a compensation like Amazon for example . But they do not affect the opin

​What Not To Put In Your Washing Machine Prevention Certain things should never be put in the washing machine. Here are some of the more surprising items, plus alternative ways to clean each one. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. Why trus

Inside a Washing Machine - How Washing Machines Work HowStuffWorks Advertisement By: Karim Nice If we take a look under the washing machine, you'll see what makes it so heavy. Yes, that is in fact a block of concrete in the picture above. The concrete is there to balance the equally heavy electric motor, w

How Washing Machines Work HowStuffWorks A washing machine is actually an amazing device once you get inside. Learn about the agitator, the pumps, the controller and much more Advertisement By: Karim Nice It has probably washed your clothes hundreds of times, but have you ever w

Things That Should Never, Ever End Up in Your Washing Machine Trust us, it's worth the extra effort of making sure these things never end up in your next load of laundry. Learn what not to put in a washing machine Home House & Components Rooms Laundry Nothing is worse than shrunken clothes and a brok

How to Winterize a Washing Machine Hunker If your washing machine will be exposed to below freezing temperatures, you should winterize it to prevent damage to the pump and inlet valves. You can winterize a washing machine either by draining all the water from the washer and drain h

How to Winterize a Washing Machine In certain climates, it's necessary to winterize your washing machine to prevent damage during the colder months of the year. Winter weather requires that certain parts of your home undergo steps to ensure that those areas or items are kept

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