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How to Use a Milling Machine If you work with metal or wood, chances are you have a use for a milling machine. These mechanical tools are used in metal-working and woodworking, and some machines can be quite high-tech to produce intri e results.

Are We Just Machines? - Instructables OK, I was listening to a podcast a while ago, and I heard some thing quite surprising What one researcher said is that our brain prepares us to do something 7 seconds before we actually think of it. WOW So basically, our brain is ahead b

How Crusher Works HowStuffWorks Crusher is an unmanned ground vehicle funded by DARPA and designed by Carnegie Mellon's National Robotics Engineering Center. Learn what it can do. Advertisement By: Julia Layton Crusher made its debut in true monster-truck style: The two p

Large Hydraulic Machines HowStuffWorks Large Hydraulic Machines - Large hydraulic machines are capable of lifting and moving tremendous loads. Learn about large hydraulic machines and why tracks are used on excavators. Advertisement By: Marshall Brain One of the best places to g

Man and his Machines Forget sci-fi. what to really expect from artificial intelligence–today and tomorrow. An award-winning team of journalists, designers, and videographers who tell brand stories through Fast Company's distinctive lens The future of innovation

Man vs. Machine Serial Webmeister Jason Calacanis survived the dotcom bust and went on to sell Weblogs Inc. to AOL for $25 million. He says his new search engine–powered by people, of all things–will give Google a run for its money. We almost believe him.

Operating a Car Crusher - Car Crusher Operation HowStuffWorks Operating a Car Crusher - Car crusher operation is simple and has changed little since its invention in 970. Learn about the car crushing process and find out why car stripping is important. Advertisement By: Ed Grabianowski The basic func

Uses of Vending Machines Bizfluent Vending machines are a convenience that allows the sales and purchasing of goods from an automated machine. The machines are a cost-effective way to distribute goods and have the flexibility to be placed indoors or outdoors. They can operat

Sorting Machine - Instructables I am wanting to make a sorting machine for my autistic son, so he can learn how to tell different materials from each other and also different colors from each other. I know that there are a few things that I want in it and also a

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